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Supposing that you must evade from daily routine for a time, Bellevue in Washington has everything to content your wants: films, music, museums, monuments, parks and others…You have an impressive spot in Seattle where you might have an excellent time: it's named 'Salsa Tropical Seattle' and it's very well-known in the surroundings. There, you might enjoy good music in a warm ambiance. At 'AMC Factoria 8' in Bellevue, there is a large variety of excellent films for each wish. Choose one of them and enjoy an impressive time in this movie theatre. You can't pass through or live in the surroundings without seeing the beautiful places in the vicinity and enjoy an impressive excursion time: Hidden Valley Sports Park, Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm, Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Home and Rotella Gallery. You might, as well, visit a lovely museum, such as the 'Asian Art Museum' in Seattle. But going to the zoo might be the finest entertainment to do if you want to content all the family ! As a matter of fact, a popular one such as 'Woodland Park Zoo' in Seattle, boasts you many activities and might make you have appealing moments with your kids and your family.

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