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Located North of Manhattan in New York, the Bronx is the only neighborhood of New York that is not an island. Boasting a strong multicultural heritage, it also contains vast green areas that cover one-fourth of its territory, and it hosts some emblematic sites of the city of New York. The Bronx has something to offer to all visitors. Take the time to explore fully this rich area!

Sports or culture: why choose?

Yankee Stadium is undoubtedly the most famous building in the Bronx. Whether you are a sports fan or not, it makes for an impressive visit and an exhilarating show if you manage to get some tickets. If classic literature is more your thing, visit Edgard Allan Poe's Cottage, where the author spent the last years of his life. Now surrounded by the big city, the little house that has been standing there since the early 19th century and it provides a real time-traveling experience to its visitors.

Home of Hip Hop

Music and modern culture fans are for sure waiting for this one: yes, the Bronx is the birthplace of the Hip Hop culture that took the world over from the 1970s. Joining one of the fun Hip Hop tours may be the best way to get to know the very first hip hop venues, some superb street art spots and the stories of the legendary figures of the movement. In any case, you will have to include a bit of Hip Hop to make your visit of the Bronx complete!

Green is the color of the Bronx

If you fancy some outdoors activities, the Bronx offers a vast choice of options, starting with the New York Botanical Garden whose 250 acres are in the very heart of the Bronx. South of the Botanical Garden and separated only from it by E. Fordham Road, you will find the Bronx Zoo, the oldest and one of the biggest in the USA. For some stunning views over the river Hudson, head West to the Wave Hill Public Gardens. Wander in the 28 acres of this ancient private estate now covered with beautiful gardens, and participate in one of the numerous cultural events organized all year long. On the other side of the Bronx, Pelham Bay Park is the biggest park in New York, with 2,772 acres of both natural and man-made landscapes including several peninsulas and a golf course. If you go there, don't forget to go all the way to City Island, a picturesque seaside village on an island which will make you forget both the century and the place you are in.

Italian delicacies

Foodies and hungry visitors, Arthur Avenue is waiting for you! Located in the Belmont neighborhood, you will find there countless Italian-American food venues, be it for a full five-course meal or for a quick snack on the go. The food scene is so vibrant that the street is often named "Little Italy in the Bronx" - and many would say it's more authentic than the one in Manhattan!

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