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Among all the activities you might realise in Chula Vista (California) and the surrounding area, it's possible that you need some help to find out the finest activity ideas: musical performances, museums, nightclubs, movie houses, excursions, etc. Why not plan to go to the cinema 'AMC Palm Promenade 24' in San Diego and check out its programme ? You will certainly find something you are impatient to enjoy. What might be better than a fine movie in a cosy seat ? Take your tickets right now ! In San Diego, you will find a marvellous spot, named 'Bassmnt San Diego' where you might appreciate great music. A fine way to have a fine evening ! Do you prefer an outside distraction for every member of the family ? Therefore, why not bring your children to the beautiful wildlife park named 'Living Coast Discovery Center' in Chula Vista ? Do it and you are sure to appreciate a fine and interesting time ! In San Diego, there is also an interesting museum named 'USS Midway Museum'. It might be an enriching experience, as well as discovering the most famous scenes of the surrounding area: Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, South Bay Salt Works, Third Avenue Village, Gunpowder Point and Community Congregational Church.

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