Things to do in Danville

If you are in Danville, Kentucky, in the neighbourhood, or in case you are just coming in the city, you'll discover here several suggestions for distractions: musical performances, museums, zoos, monuments, discos, etc. Everything you might probably want ! There's a very fashionable venue in Lexington where you must go if you like listening to music. Indeed, at 'Malabu Pub & Grille', you might have a special time with your friends ! If you want to enjoy the most recent blockbuster, a sentimental or an amusing movie, you might take your ticket to 'Danville Cinema 8' in Danville. Maybe you rather like doing something in exterior with your children ? Then, you must go to one of the very best zoos of the neighbourhood, 'Zzz'. You will find it in Lexington. In Kentucky, there are, obviously, plenty of must-see locations ! And some of them that deserve to be visited are in - or alongside - Danville: Constitution Square Historic Site and Centre College - Farris Stadium. You've probably heard about the museum of Danville, named 'Great American Dollhouse Museum'. Its renown is certainly not exaggerated, and you must check it out yourself.

Nearby cities: Nicholasville, Lexington, Frankfort

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