Things to do in Hernando

There are lots of pleasant activities to do in Hernando (Mississippi), which make this city so charming. You can, for instance go to the movie house, go to gigs, visit museums or admire wonderful places and scenes. Every child admires animals, and specially unique ones. So going to the zoo 'Memphis Zoo' in Memphis can be an excellent idea to have a great family moment ! In case you prefer a more enriching entertainment, you have various alternatives, but the 'Desoto County Museum' in Hernando is undoubtedly an excellent one. There are lots of charming places in Hernando and the nearby area: Cedar Hill Farm and Sweet Lorraine's Guitar Shop. Some are so well-known and beautiful that you can't go through without seeing them ! In Southaven, you can find an acclaimed movie theatre called 'Malco Desoto Cinema Grill'. It's an excellent location to have a great moment seeing an enjoyable movie. Spend your night in a disco or a concert hall is, as well, an excellent choice, and the trendy 'La Tropicana Night Club' in Memphis can be the best option. Do not hesitate to go there for a great night of music in an intense atmosphere ! This should be a great time for you, savouring fine music in an intense atmosphere.

Nearby cities: Horn Lake, Southaven, Olive Branch

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