Things to do in Lake Oswego

In case you wish to go out in Lake Oswego, Oregon, you would have different possibilities that could depend on the sorts of distraction you're seeking for. In Portland, the awesome 'Studio 503' invariably boasts a great night for all the music lovers of the city. Go to this pretty venue and prepare yourself to enjoy a great moment of music ! You can also go to Tigard at the movie house 'Regal Cinemas Bridgeport Village 18 & IMA' to enjoy one of the finest films of the moment. A good feature film in a comfortable seat is invariably a satisfaction, no matter the moment of day or night. In Oregon City there is a great museum, the Museum of the Oregon Territory, where you can get all yours and enjoy a very enriching visit. It's a must-see in family ! You can also bring yours to watch unique animals in the zoological garden 'Oregon Zoo', taking place in Portland. In addition, Lake Oswego has multiple natural, educational, architectural and ancient locations that merit your curiosity too: Lake Oswego Farmers' Market, George Rogers Park, Rogerson Clematis Garden, Lake Oswego Preservation Society, Portland Oregon Temple Visitors' Center, Lakewood Center For the Arts, Arts Council of Lake Oswego, Foothill Park and Hazelia Field.

Nearby cities: Tigard, Tualatin, Milwaukie

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