Things to do in Pasadena

It could happen that you look for some help to select the proper distraction for you in Pasadena, California ? So, you'll discover here a few activity suggestions for you. There's a museum in Pasadena that definitely worth the visit: the well-known 'Norton Simon Museum'. Whether you already know it or not, it can be an excellent option to see it. There are also many beautiful sites in the nearby area: California Institute of Technology, City of Pasadena City Hall, Colorado Boulevard, Old Pasadena, Eaton Canyon Natural Area, Colorado Street Bridge, Lake Avenue, St. Andrew Church, Robinson Memorial and Pasadena Ice Skating Center. You can spend an entire day visiting them. In Montebello, there's a remarkable zoological garden called 'Montebello Barnyard Zoo'. It can be the ideal location to bring your kids and have a special day with them ! Children habitually like spending time in a zoological garden, enjoying savage animals. Watching a captivating feature film can be an excellent option to have pleasure with your beloved ones or your friends. In Alhambra, you'll discover the well-known movie theatre called 'Edwards Alhambra Renaissance 14 & IMAX'. If you want to have a premium evening and night, you have many options, but in case you don't know yet the 'The Garage, concert venue. Los Angeles College of music (LACM)' in Pasadena, you have to discover it ! Needless to say, if you've already been there, you don't have to be encouraged to go again.

Nearby cities: South Pasadena, Alhambra, San Gabriel

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