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For those who are in, or next to, Rosemead (California), there are a number of pleasant activities for all tastes: cinemas, gigs, clubs, museums and a number of must-see locations. So in case you actually are in this neighbourhood, you are favoured one ! Children usually liking to go to the zoological garden, and 'Montebello Barnyard Zoo' in Montebello is certainly a special one to explore. But the amazing animals you may look at in this place are not only stimulating for children, but as well for adults. Perhaps you are not accustomed to go to the museum, and you are apprehensive about having pleasure in this place, still, in case you visit 'Norton Simon Museum' in Pasadena, we can assure you that you'll appreciate this one ! You're looking for a special moment ? Hearing music and having pleasure with friends ? So, go to 'The Garage, concert venue. Los Angeles College of music (LACM)', one of the most popular venues in Pasadena ! There's a fine location to see films in City of Industry: 'Vineland Drive-In'. In all likelihood, you'll find there a movie you are desiring to see. In case you are more interested in visiting pretty locations and monuments – or by the past of the city – Rosemead offers you a large selection of ancient structures, appealing locations and astonishing vistas: $sites_monuments…

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