Things to do in Schertz

Maybe you've got some problems to know what to do in Schertz, Texas and the nearby area. Thus far, you could find a wide range of things to do. Why don't you visit some of the lots of superb places that merit a visit, as Crescent Bend Nature Park, Bussey's Flea Market, The Scrappy Quilter and Thirsty Joez Tavern ? You could, as well, enjoy the visit of the very stimulating 'Historic Evans Road', sets in Schertz. In this museum, you can enjoy surprising items and discover a lot of things. Why not go to the zoo with your family ? 'Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo' in New Braunfels is a great one and definitely your children and you will have a great day there ! For a night and pleasant activity, you could find clubs and concert halls in Selma. The very popular 'Blue Bonnet Palace' could be a good option, supposing that you desire to enjoy great music and feel festive atmosphere. In Live Oak there's, as well, a good cinema called 'Regal Cinemas Live Oak 18 & RPX' where you could go with your friends, your family or even in solo and enjoy a good film.

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