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Staten Island forms one of the five boroughs of the city of New York. Separated from the others by the bay, it is also the less urban of New York's districts. It may not be your first choice when visiting New York on a tight schedule. But Staten Island offers surprising sites worth visiting if you have a bit more time on your hands or if you want to go off the beaten path.

Free Ferry Trip

The first attraction for visitors is the ferry trip itself. The Staten Island Ferry is a free ferry that connects the Whitehall Terminal on Manhattan to St George Terminal on Staten Island. A perfect occasion to enjoy a cruise of Upper Bay! You will pass close the Statue of Liberty, and admire a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline, but also of Jersey City and Brooklyn. Enjoy the trip before setting foot on Staten Island, then start exploring! The island is vast and the public transports less dense than in the other boroughs. The best is to pick one area and explore the attractions it has to offer. Staten Island's sites of interest roughly fall into four clusters.

St George area

Right at the ferry jetty, you will find several attractions in the St George neighborhood. This includes the Staten Island Borough Hall and St George Theatre, two beautiful buildings open to visitors. Not far away, on the shore, the Staten Island September 11 Memorial is a place to remember and reflect on the past. The National Lighthouse Museum provides a short, but informative visit for those interested in maritime topics. For a fun experience and delicious food, try Enoteca Maria, where the chefs are grandmothers preparing their specialties, be it Italian, Russian or Venezuelan!

Rosebank and Fort Wadsworth

If you want to venture just a bit further away, head South-East towards the Rosebank neighborhood. There, you will find Alice Austen's house. Nested in a peaceful garden, this pretty building offers an informative visit about life in the 1800s. Close by are also the Museum of Maritime Navigation and Communication and the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum. A bit further South make sure to tour Fort Wadsworth, an impressive former military site and one of the oldest in the USA.

Snug Harbor

On the other side from St George, heading West, Snug Harbor is also a good option to spend half a day. You will find there several museums, including the generalist Staten Island Museum, the Noble Maritime Collection, and the Newhouse Museum of Contemporary Art. Several lovely gardens are also located nearby, including the Botanical Garden.

Richmond Town

A bit further away from the ferry, the last cluster of attractions is located on the central part of Staten Island. It includes historic sites such as the Historic Richmond Town with buildings from the 1600s and the beautiful Crimson Beech house built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You will also find in the area the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art featuring a large collection of central Asian artifacts. If the weather allows, don't forget to spend some time on South Beach on your way to or from there!

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