Things to do in Tulsa

Maybe you have some problems to know what to do in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the nearby area. Thus far, there's a large choice of activities. Why don't you discover some of the many first-class places that deserve a tour, as The Cave House, ONEOK Field, Boston Avenue Methodist Church, The Golden Driller, Center of the Universe, Brady Theater, Holy Family Cathedral, Blue Dome District, Oral Roberts University and Tulsa Garden Center ? For a stimulating tour, you must go to the great 'Philbrook Museum of Art' in Tulsa. This acclaimed museum always exhibits attractive pieces and superb expositions. Tulsa Zoo' in Tulsa is a marvellous zoo where you must bring all your family. No doubt that you and your children will have a special day there ! For a nighttime and entertaining outing, you might find nightclubs and concert halls in Tulsa. The very acclaimed 'Whiskey 918' might be a nice choice if you want to savour impressive music and feel festive atmosphere. The movie house is, as well, a nice alternative. You might for example go to 'AMC Southroads 20' in Tulsa where you could discover the movie that pleases you.

Nearby cities: Sand Springs, Jenks, Owasso

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