Things to do in Upper Arlington

In the nearby area of Upper Arlington (Ohio), you could find multiple entertaining distractions you can do: discovering monuments, watching films, attending gigs and others. So you are fortunate, if you are there or you are passing through ! Children usually enjoying to go to the zoo, and 'Columbus Zoo and Aquarium' in Powell is certainly an enthusiastic one to see. But the surprising animals you might see there are not only enriching for kids, but as well for grown people. In case you want to see something that changes and more educational, you might discover an enthusiastic museum as the one that takes place in Columbus. At the 'Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum' you are assured to discover pretty features. In Columbus you might find multiple discos and gig halls, but 'Skully's Music-Diner' is likely the most acclaimed. The ambiance is habitually fun and you are assured to have an enthusiastic night there ! AMC Lennox Town Center 24 in Columbus is a perfect movie theatre if you wish to see a movie in good environment. For those who are fascinated in pretty places and ancient locations, Upper Arlington and its nearby area offer different opportunities as old constructions, attractive scenery and impressive scenes: The Daily Growler, Madame Delluc Artisan Chocolatier and Ballroom Dance Experience of Ohio.

Nearby cities: Columbus, Hilliard, Dublin

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