Things to do in Wauwatosa

If you don't know what to do, don't worry since there is a vast choice of possible things to do in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and the neighbourhood. Arte Wine and Paint, Kneeland-Walker House and The Eschweiler Buildings. These are amongst the lots of wonderful places that merit to be seen. For an interesting tour, you have to go to the great 'Milwaukee Art Museum' in Milwaukee. This famous museum invariably displays attractive pieces and amazing public displays. Why not plan to go to a zoological garden with yours ? 'Milwaukee County Zoo' in Milwaukee is a fantastic one and surely your children and you will have a great day there ! Do you would rather have a night's activity ? You could find multiple possibilities in Milwaukee in case you appreciate music and cheerful atmosphere. You might, for instance, go to the very famous 'Mad Planet' where you'll surely appreciate a great moment ! Singly or with friends, you might, as well, go to the cinema. 'AMC Mayfair Mall 18' in Wauwatosa is a nice spot to watch the finest feature films of the moment.

Nearby cities: West Allis, Brookfield, Milwaukee

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