Things to do in Wheat Ridge

In case you don't know what to do, do not worry since there is a large selection of possible distractions in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and the surroundings. The surroundings boasts multiple wonderful locations and scenes which merit a visit: Clancy's Irish Pub, Brass Armadillo Antique Mall, Mile High Drives, Anderson Park, Larson's Ski & Sport, Long Shots Bar, Silver Bullet Shooting Range, Swiss Flower & Gift Cottage, Full Circle Salon and Spa and World Hippie Travel. In Denver, you'll discover a very enriching museum: Denver Art Museum. If you visit it to learn new things, or to admire startling pieces, you'll certainly savour it ! In the awesome zoological garden that takes place in Arvada, called 'THE PONY FARM', you will have a memorable day. This is a magnificent location for a great family distraction ! There are, as well, multiple opportunities for a nighttime distraction. In Denver, the 'Club Vinyl' is a very acclaimed location, and in case you appreciate enthusiastic music and cheerful atmosphere you should undoubtedly try it !  You certainly won't be disappointed ! You could, as well, merely go to the movie house 'United Artists Denver Pavilions 15' in Denver, where you will certainly find a fine movie that you could appreciate, alone or with friends.

Nearby cities: Arvada, Denver, Golden

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