A few words about Mapado

The idea

We once realized how difficult it is to find something to do for an evening or a weekend that is different from what we usually do AND that interests us AND that is open at the moment when we are available. The problem occurs in the city where we live as well as in any unknown area. The awesome Mapado team is humbly trying to solve this problem by building on three major pillars: exhaustivity, customization and user interface.

Mapado is exhaustive ... or at least trying to be

Millions of little pixies (much like those of Santa Claus) explore hundreds of thousands of places in search of activities that may be of interest to you. All this data is mined, cleaned, mixed, enriched to make it clear and readable. From a Ben Harper concert in London to the sausage festival in Tarare, our goal is that you will always find an interesting things to do (and if you don't like sausage, there is also the fruits festival in Thurins)

Mapado is adapting little by little to your tastes

Mapado tries to guess what you like. There is no magic behind all this, just the small tools that our super-smart engineers have developed that avoid offering you activities that you never click and offer you those that are similar to those you have already loved. All of this is in perpetual improvement, we hope you will forgive us if we make mistakes and welcome any feedback to make it better.

Mapado is easy to use

In the Mapado team, we think that you shouldn't waste your spare time to try to find something for your spare time. So we work hard to make Mapado easy and fast to use. Open the website on your computer or mobile phone and activities that should interest you appear (almost magically). That's all: no buttons in all directions, no complicated forms to fill, no next pages to click endlessly.


Claire Delsemme
Julien Deniau
Thomas di Luccio
Jerry Nieuviarts
Fabrice Borie
Laura Gillet
Julien Petit
Dimitri Allegoet
Sylvère Grégeois
Arnaud Bruckler
Nicolas Rosset